Our mission

The Listening Planet is an environment non-profit working to create a world where people live in harmony with the natural world and where together, all life thrives. Our goal is to express the voice of the natural world and, through the power of sound, awaken a connection deep inside all of us; a love, understanding and respect for the importance and fragility of the place we call home and a passion to safeguard its future.

Our focus

We are joining the race to preserve Earth’s wild place – to conserve nature and to reduce the most pressing threats being faced by our natural world and to the diversity of life.


Never before have we faced such an urgent need to connect hearts with minds, knowledge with action and to re-open a connection we believe lives deep inside all of us. Through the power of sound, we aim to inspire people to value and connect with the natural world and to ignite a passion to safeguard its future.


We aim to help educate and train the next generation of sound recordists, conservationists and stewards of the natural world and to advance our individual and collective understanding of the role sound plays as a critical barometer for the health of our planet. Join us ‘Sound-trotting’ to explore the sounds of the planet…


We partner with and support organisations and science programs seeking to advance our understanding of the role sound plays in our ability to better understand and measure the health of the planet and key ecosystems, as well as our own physical and Mental Wellbeing. We have created specific sub-brands that will specifically highlight issues such as sound as an indicator of environmental degradation (‘The State of Nature’), and physical and mental wellness (‘A Sound Mind’).


The fragile weave of natural sound is being torn apart by our seemingly boundless need to conquer the environment rather than to find a way to abide in consonance with it. We’re therefore adding nature’s own voice to the urgent call for its conservation and protection. Every soundscape tells its own unique story and together they are powerful tools for mobilising people around the issue of climate change and diversity.

Our values

The challenges are greater than ever, but we seek to apply the wealth of our talents, knowledge, and passion to safeguard the future of our planet and life. We aim to bring Nature’s Voice powerfully to the fore – artfully, with skill, dedication, ingenuity and always the utmost integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, adhering to core values of respect, accountability and transparency, diversity and inclusion, collaboration, and integrity.

Our partners

There is an increasing body of scientific evidence that shows a direct correlation to the role nature sounds play in promoting mental and physical wellbeing. We aim to not only contribute and help to advance this research, but to also work with organisations who can help us reach more people directly – specifically hospitals, palliative care centres, children’s wards. Our meditation albums and blog articles will build on the theraputic effects that nature can have on us all. Discover more…

“…as I travelled, I began to understand how critical habitat was disappearing.” — Martyn Stewart.
We often hear changes in the environment, such as shifts in bird calls, before we see them. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recently formed a sound charter to promote awareness of sound as a critical signifier in environmental health and urban planning. We hope to educate and inspire people to protect the world around us.

The Listening Planet Library is one of the most important private collections of nature sounds that exists in the world. Martyn Stewart has been a world-leading sound recordist since 1975, recording in over 50 countries and capturing over 3500 species of birds, countless insects, amphibians and mammals. This is Martyn Stewart’s Listening Planet project, a trust and a foundation. It’s the sound of our world – and it’s the sound of us.