The Albums: Meditation Water

Meditation Stories: A Journey through Water (Costa Rica)

As part of our A Sound Mind initiative, we are marking World Mental Health Day by launching our inaugural album, created in collaboration with actor Mädchen Amick’s mental wellness foundation, don’t MiND me.

Album title: Meditation Stories: A Journey Through Water (Costa Rica)
Primary Artists: The Listening Planet Mädchen Amick
Written by: Martyn Stewart & Mädchen Amick
Produced by: We Are On Purpose & India Hill

“In celebration of World Mental Health Day, I’m so excited to announce that my direct impact non-profit Mental Health Foundation ‘dontMiNDme’ has partnered with ‘The Listening Planet’ to bring you unique nature sounds from around the world in combination with mindful meditation journeys narrated by myself and a few of my close friends; Kyle MacLachlan, Mariel Hemingway, Jenna Dewan, Vanessa Morgan, Maggie Wheeler and Nathalie Boltt. When mental illness hit our family a decade ago we dedicated ourselves to seeking out and sharing with others the most holistic ways to care for our mental well being. I invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of our precious planet while caring for your mental health.”
— Mädchen